Hunting Packages

All the hunting packages are tailor-made for each hunter to make the hunting dream come true.

Our Most Requested Packages

Red Stag

Red Stag + Water Buffalo

Red Stag + Blackbuck Antelope + Texas Dall Sheep

9 Trophies + 1 Day of Doves Shooting

We Also Offer

Excellent doves & pigeons shooting that can be a perfect complement with the big-game hunt.

Father and Son Hunting Package:

As a Father & Daughter owned business we greatly enjoy being able to share our passion for hunting with families. It is something special and memorable for us. ⁠

One of our goals is to inspire children to enjoy, love and preserve the outdoors. Encouraging hunting for generations to come is a very important issue in our family.

Packages include

Ground transfer to and from Santa Rosa Airport to the Mapu Hunting Lodge, premium accommodation and facilities, all meals and beverages, house spirits, beer and Argentinian wines, professional hunting guides (1×1), trackers and cleaning staff.

Please Note

Argentina is open

The wait is over.  We are very happy to announce that Argentina has opened its borders to international travelers and Mapu Hunting Lodge is ready to welcome you back!

Other Programs

In addition to our hunting adventures we are also able to offer fishing and Wing-shooting in other provinces:

Fly Fishing Rainbow-trout

Located in the famous Strobel Lake, Southern Patagonia, offering one of the best fly fishing rainbow trout in the world.

Golden Dorado fishing Cruise

Located in Parana River, is a mother ship program for some of the best Golden dorado.

High-volume Doves shooting

Located in Cordoba province, known as World’s ultimate bird shooting destination.

Best Duck hunting Cruise

One of the most unique experiences over Parana River.