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A valid passport is required to enter the country, which must be valid for 6 months after the last day of your trip. Visa is not required for U.S. citizens. Residents of other countries have to contact their nearest Argentine consulate to obtain this information.

The port of entry into Argentina is Buenos Aires, so you must ask your travel agent for round trip airfare to Buenos Aires. You will also need a round trip for a domestic travel from Buenos Aires to Santa Rosa (La Pampa Province). Travel options to Santa Rosa include commercial airline, overnight bus, or private chartered ground vehicle. We usually connect hunters with a travel agency that can take care of all this process.

Bringing firearm to Argentina is very easy. We will send you all the necessary paperwork well that you have to fill-up before you depart. One of our agents will be waiting at the airport to assist you with this process (extra charge).

Yes, we have rifles and shotguns available in a variety of calibers for renting at the lodge.

Big game licenses are required to hunt in Argentina. License fees are set by the government each year shortly before the seasons open. Hunting licenses can be obtained at the ranch upon arrival.

The best time to hunt red stag is during the rut which begins in early March and goes through mid-April. However post roar the hunting is still excellent and challenging.

Because of the wide temperature swings we recommend dressing in layers so that you can quickly add or shed layers depending on temperature change. For hunting during the day we recommend wearing comfortable camouflage hunting clothes and good quality waterproof hunting boots since it is common to walk for several hours around the bush. Warm clothing is essential for night hunts as the temperatures can drop significantly after the sun goes down. Gaiters are a must because of the ever present "rosetas" and all the other types of stickers, briars, thorns that seem to be present everywhere in the bush. Although it doesn't rain much, a light set of rain gear is always a good to have along.

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the price of your hunting package is required to confirm your hunting reservation with the balance due 60 days prior to your hunt. For cancellations earlier than 60 days prior to your hunt your deposit can be applied to a future hunt of your choosing. Payment of final charges for other costs such as additional big game trophies taken or other costs not included in the booked package will be due and payable at the end of your stay at the ranch. We accept cash, wire transfers and personal or bank checks.

If an animal is wounded, we will do our best to follow it and dispose of it humanely. In the rare and unfortunate event that this is not possible, the trophy fee must still be paid. Evidence of wounding will mean blood or tissue traces found at or near the point of impact.

We will take care of dipping, packing and expediting your trophies.

Unfortunately, we can't ship your meat to US. Instead You will try delicious meals with game meat that our chef will make specially for you.

The following payment methods are accepted at the ranch: US dollars, Euros, checks and bank transfers.

No, Argentina is free of any public health risks and is very safe for travel.

The local currency is Argentine Pesos. Most international credit cards are accepted in Argentina.

Electrical power in Argentina is supplied at 220 volts, 50 Hz. If you bring any type of electrical appliance with you (razor, charger, etc.) you should also bring the appropriate adapter. Plugs are continental flat 3-pin.

Like the red stag you came to hunt, the hunting adventure we offer you, will be memorable, unique and a joy to experience. Your personalized hunting trip will be specially designed by us here at Mapu Hunting Lodge to suit your needs and preferences. We cater all abilities and levels of experience.