Below is the list of the most frequently asked questions:

A valid passport is required to enter the country. Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the last day of your trip. A travel visa is not required for U.S. citizens. Residents of other countries have to contact their nearest Argentine consulate to obtain visa requirements.

For latest travel requirements to Argentina, please consult with your travel agent, airline, or third-party information providers such as Sherpa and VeriFly.

Mapu Hunting Lodge is located near the city of Santa Rosa in the province of La Pampa. For most guests, getting to the lodge involves international and domestic travel.

The main port of entry into Argentina is Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires (IATA code: EZE). Travel options from Buenos Aires to Santa Rosa include domestic air travel to Santa Rosa Airport (IATA code: RSA), private chartered flight, or private chartered ground vehicle. We usually connect hunters with a travel agency that can arrange your travel needs.

When landing at Santa Rosa Airport (RSA), we great & meet our hunters and take them to the lodge in our private van.

No proof of vaccine is required to enter the country.

Travelers are not allowed to bring food products (meat, dairy, vegetables, and fruits) when entering the country.

Yes, big and small game licenses are required to be able to hunt in Argentina. They can be obtained at the lodge upon arrival.

License fees are set by the government each year shortly before the season starts. Please contact us for price information.

The local currency is the Argentine Peso (P$). Please inquire online for the most current exchange rate.

Most international credit cards are accepted in retail stores and restaurants in Argentina.

Bringing firearms to Argentina is possible and a common practice for hunters from all over the world. We will send you all the necessary paperwork that you have to complete prior to your departure. One of our agents will be waiting at Ezeiza International Airport to assist you with clearing customs. Please note there is an extra charge for this service.

Yes, we have a variety of rifles and shotguns available at the lodge for rent. For more information on make and models, please contact us.

The best time to hunt red stag is during the rut which begins in early March and goes through mid-April. However, hunting is still excellent and challenging past the roar season.

Because of the wide swing in temperatures, we recommend dressing in layers so that you can quickly add or shed them depending on the temperature changes.

When hunting during the day, it is common to walk for several hours around the bushes. Therefore, we recommend wearing comfortable camouflage hunting clothes and good quality waterproof hunting boots. At night, warm clothing is essential as temperatures can drop significantly after sunset. Gaiters are a must, because of the ever present "rosetas" and other types of stickers, briars, and thorns usually found in bushes. Although it doesn't rain much, a light set of rain gear is always a good-to-have item during your journey.

If an animal is wounded, we will do our best to follow it and dispose of it humanely. In the rare and unfortunate event that the animal is not found, the trophy fee must still be paid. Evidence of wounding will mean blood or tissue traces found at or near the point of impact.

We will take care of dipping, packing, and expediting your trophies. The service is performed by a third-party agent.

Unfortunately, we can't ship your meat to the US. Instead, you will enjoy delicious meals with game meat prepared by our in-house Chef.

We accept US dollars in the following methods: wire transfers, US bank personal checks, and cash.

Yes, we provide free Wi-Fi access during your stay at the lodge.

Please note that during rain storms connectivity may be temporarily impacted.

Electrical power in Argentina is supplied at 220 Volts, 50 Hz. Most phone and laptop chargers acquired in the US and Europe are dual voltage (but please check your product label), however, you will most likely need to bring an "outlet adaptor" since power outlets in Argentina are continental flat 3-pin type form-factor.

If your device is not dual-voltage (i.e., 120 Volts only), you will also need to bring a power "transformer" or "converter" (input 220 Volts, output 120 Volts). Make sure if you bring a transformer/converter that it will handle the power consumption from your device. For example, hair dryers consume upward of 1,200 Watts of power, so ensure your transformer/converter is rated accordingly.

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the price of your hunting package is required at the time of booking. The balance is due not later than 60 days prior to your hunt. You can cancel your booking up to 90 calendar days prior to your arrival at the lodge and use your deposit(s) as credit to book a hunt in the following year season for you, friends, or family members only (pending availability and subject to price change). For all “no show” or cancellations made less than 90 calendar days prior to the hunt, 100% of your deposit(s) will be lost. Payment of final charges to cover for other costs such as big game hunting license or additional trophies taken and not included in the booked package will be due at the lodge at the end of your stay.

We only accept US dollars in the form of wire transfers, US bank personal checks, and cash.

Feel free to contact us if you can't find the answer to your question.