Welcome to your next adventure!

“ Our hospitality and dedication to your hunting experience are second to none”.

“ Its is our great pleasure to welcome all hunters to enjoy our world class deer herds.”

“ The majesty and grace of the glorious red stag is a hunter’s dream come true”.

“ We will endeavor to welcome you and ensure your utmost comfort at all times”

“ Welcome to Mapu hunting Lodge, join us for an unforgettable hunting experience”.

“ Opt for a hunting trip with Mapu Hunting Lodge and take part in a range of activities and adventures”.


# “I want to let you know what a first-rate facility you have.  I have never enjoyed a vacation more.  You and your staff are second to none. It was a very enjoyable time and everyone was so accommodating”.

Jan and Steve Patzner

# “Outstanding trip!! Thank you for the hunt of a lifetime.  Celeste, your father, and your entire staff exceeded every expectation. 

We all shot great stags and finished up with fallow and axis. The guides are personable and top-notch hunters. We will recommend this place to everyone we know”.

Bruce Mallory

#”Absolutely a great trip! Met more than my expectations. Guide was awesome, staff was outstanding. A wonderful experience!

Thank you, I will be back”.

Chris Halpin

# “I want to say thanks to Celeste, Carlos and your great staff. We had a fantastic time. Superb hunting, excellent food and lodging. I will be coming back again! Still smiling from all the fun.”

Jeff Triplett , Houston, TX.

Great people, great food, great staff, great accommodations. Excellent hunting/ Lots of game.

Thanks for the great five days. Best of memories forever.

Toby Vanderberg, Montana

Staff was great, food was unreal, guides and hosts were first class. Overall great experiences.

Ben and Cadence Patzner

# “Thanks Celeste and Carlos! We all had a fantastic time and your staff is awesome. We will have memories for a life time”.

Tedd Tiplett, Houston, TX.

# “Words can’t describe how much fun I had while I was there thanks to all of you. Hope to see you in Houston soon.”

Bubba, Houston, TX.

# “Thanks to you and your team as it was the best hunting trip I have ever been on.  Your entire group of people are as good as they get and it would be impossible not to have fun at Mapu.  As for you Celeste, there is not a better host on the planet.”

Aaron Green, IOWA.

# Mapu Staff and Lodge,

“Thanks for the wonderful time and experience. Not only was the staff great but the staff was terrific as well.

Awesome free range stag. Water buffalo was special. Finishing the week with a dove hunt was a perfect way to cap off the week.

Thanks again, Hope to do it again.”

Roger Flores, San Antonio, TX.

# Mapu Team,

“Thank you! The staff, guides, food, accommodations, planning, hunting and trophies were great!

Carlos and Celeste run a spectacular ranch and have an even better team.”

Craig and Harry Bries, IOWA.

# “I really enjoyed my hunt and meeting you and the rest of the staff of Mapu, you have some great staff”.

Harvey Durham, Adamsville, Tenesee.

# Volver a daros las gracias por esta inolvidable experiencia cinegética con vosotros

Rafael Echevarria, Madrid, España

# Quiero daros las gracias a todo el equipo humano que forma MAPU por su atención y dedicación hacia nosotros.

Y en especial a Carlos que sin su ayuda hubiera sido imposible la consecución de los magníficos trofeos conseguidos.

Madrid, España

# On my bucket list was hunting Red Stag bonus was the challenge and thrill of a beautiful blackbuck antelope. Thanks Mario for your patience, you are great!

To the entire crew, thanks for the hospitality and flexibility to hunted when we wanted. I loved tasting the various game and has a great evening at the fireplace.

Celeste and Carlos, you have a great hunting lodge.

Many Thanks,

Sheryl Landis, North Dakota

# The laughs, memories, and friendships created at Mapu will always and forever be held in my heart.  I can honestly say to you that what I experienced at Mapu has been one of the best times in my life.

Carlos, Luis, Mario, Eduardo, Jason and Nancy are all top of the line people and are certainly second to none when it comes to making memories that will never be forgotten!  Celeste, your professionalism and everything at Mapu will always be beyond a 5-star rating!

Thank you so much,

Staush Przyuski, Kintnersville, Pennsylvania

 # Celeste, you have a wonderful hunting operation here and I thank you for allowing us to be part of it. Also, I am very impressed with you … you have “that”. I give that label only to the best and brightest that worked for me over the years. You know what to do and when to do it, and your people are excellent. Your father must be very proud of you. Good luck in the future and may come to visit us again.

Lou Polisano, Ambler, Pennsylvania

#It was a great experience I won’t ever forget.

 Carl Fischer, Cape Canaveral

# “This has been a wonderful of hunting. I want to say Thanks to Celeste and Carlos for putting together a top-notch facility. All of us were taken care of very well, from the wonderful meals, clean rooms and great guides, thank you! It has always been a dream to hunt free-range stags during the roar and it exceeds my expectations. The amount of game is amazing and it sounds like a cattle feedlot some morning, and the roar isn’t even in full swing. This is a destination. I will certainly recommended and will considering coming again.”

Willi & Sherry Schmidt, “Pure hunting” TV show.

Westminster, Colorado

# “I have waited my whole life to bow hunt red stag and chase the roar. Mapu exceeded my expectations and made my hunt amazing. From the people to the wildlife & food, this place is first class operation. Thank you!”

Jason Matzinger, Montana

# “ The lodge was great, the staff even better. Carlos you employ very professional people. The most important ingredient that was the hard work done by Celeste to make sure everything was perfect.

Again, my hat off to you and wonderful staff. Thanks!

Carl Johnston, Andre Trump, Andrew Watson, Philadelphia.

# “To all the crew, great job! Enjoyed everyone, very accommodating. Everyone very friendly. Very nice lodge, hunting was great, food and skinners a plus. Thanks for taking a lot of pictures, helping with the flights and transportation.

Thanks friends for ever!”

Dan Christensen, South Dakota

# “To the great staff, Carlos, and Celeste at Mapu lodge:

What an amazing week spent as a very well treated guest here at this magical place. I never expected as many red deer as these are that inhabit this enchanting countryside. The amount of encounters with quality animals was simply staggering.

Eduardo is a good guide as any! His knowledge of this landscape is unparalled. The food that Mane has prepared has been top notch! Carlos & Celeste are very professional and very gracious hosts.

House keeping + on site taxidermy staff on top notch. I will never forget this wonderful week spent. “

Muchas gracias amigos!”

Isaiah Battel, Michigan

# “Everything about my hunt at Mapu hunting lodge has exceeded my expectations. I will be back to hopefully it with my family and friends.

Bill Gore, Auburn, California.

# “Wow great times, great food!. Awesome guide. We will back!”

Greg Kimler,Foresthill, California.

# Celeste, Our stay at Mapu lodge was a wonderful experience. The food and staff were great and the red stag hunting was excellent. You made our first visit to Argentina one to remember.

Keith & Sherry Troutman, North Carolina.

# “Since I was a young boy I have dreamed of hunting red stag in the roar. I was very fortunate to get the chance to come and enjoy one of my dreams with Mapu. I was totally Amazed by the number of free range stags I encountered here. The staff has been amazing. Clean rooms, good guides and amazing food. I feel as a fried not just a client. It truly is a great hunting property. Carlos was very welcoming and last but definitely not least was Celeste. Celeste has been amazing. Thanks to Bob for guides services and English explanations.

I hope to get back again soon. I’d like to say thank you to Eduardo. Luis and all the people that worked so hard to make Mapu the best free range stag hunting destination in La Pampa”.

Cole Rice,Canyon City, Colorado.

# “Carlos, a tremendous hunt does not get any better. A great Buffalo and a tremendous stag. Great hospitality”.

Thank you,

Fred Albright, River Falls, Wisconsin.

 # “I had a great team. My guide was excellent. The trophies were outstanding. The lodge, the staff and the food were 5 stars. Carlos and Celeste were gracious most”.

Milak Pomares, Miami, Florida.

# Thank you so much for a wonderful five days spent in the Argentinian bush. Hearing the red stag roar is an unforgettable memory we will never forget!. Victor, our guide was tops and very knowledgeable. The food served in the lodge was incredible!!!
Thank you Celeste for all your help and advice. You run a top-notch lodge and we hope that in the coming years, you will be blessed with many happy clients. You go out of you way to make sure everything is running smoothly. We saw some magnificent animals and have some great memories. Thank you so much again.
Richard & Susan Luginbuhl,
Ellington, CT, USA

# I can honestly say that this past week has been by far the most exciting of my life! Free range hunting is extremely challenging! Without some luck, even rifle hunting these stags can be very tough. (My two animals are the most beautiful in the world).
However Mapu Hunting Lodge is simply excellent! The owner Carlos and his lovely daughter are amazing, true professionals. Thank you!. My primary guide Joaquin is the absolute top notch guide anyone could hope for.
Armando Cabrera.
Pembroke Pines, FL

# I have to say my experience was absolutely fantastic. From the first rate guides, accommodations and fantastic free range ranch. I saw animals everyday with numerous spot and stalk and I had several opportunities.
I would recommend this hunt to anyone interested in a true big game experience.
Andrew Pronga,

# This was my third 3rd trip to Argentina and the best of the three. Hunting was excellent and the food was fantastic. The guide was very good and did what ever he could to get the job done. I was very please with everything and would come back soon.
Joe kolnik,
Janesville, Wiscosin

# This was second trip to Argentina by far best loved spot and stalk hunting. Food was excellent, lodging all great. Joaquin was terrific guide. They made you feel like family. I hope I can make it back again soon.
Todd Macomber

# I don’t know where to begin…This place is the one. I have traveled around the world hunting and I can say top 3 of all destinations. Great food, service and the hunting is great. Can’t wait to come back soon.
Thank you Carlos and Celeste.
Juan Lorenzo
Pembroke Pines, FL

# Let me start by saying this was one of my best hunt experience I have had in a long time. The staff was absolutely outstanding. The food was second to know. The daily service was the best of by far, We will be back with the family in 2018. My best to Carlos, the owner, to giving me the best hunt of my life.
Thank you again to everyone,
Jorge Ruiz
Miami, Fl

# I wanted to thank you for the hospitality that your extended to me on my recent hunting trip to Mapu Lodge. Your graciousness Celeste and that of your father was exemplary. We enjoyed dining with you and sharing a small part of your life.

I would recommend your lodge to any hunter who wanted to hunt red stag. When the stags began to roar, I felt like, from the lodge, I was in the midst of them. I never imagined that I would be able to hear the roar from my bedroom. In the field, the impression of being surrounded by stags was unmistakable.
My guide, Eduardo, was very competent and put me on several good stags resulting in my harvesting two trophies. The rooms were large and extremely clean. The food was outstanding
Thank you Joaquin for recommending the lodge. You very professional and gave us many valuable tips on hunting.
I have no hesitation in recommending your facility to any hunter coming to Argentina to hunt the magnificent red stag.
Charles Brandt
Lafayette, LA


# Mapu Lodge,
What a week of expectations exceeded every hour of everybody. As we drove into the ranch we were greeted with wild life on the dirt roads. The warmest hospitality upon arrived. Here we are now with my best friend Stephen’s all of the wonderful personalities that make Mapu Lodge the benchmark for big game hunting trips.

We have enjoyed first class food, service and company. Most importantly our hunting experience have been unforgettable. We have successfully harvested everything we hope for. We look forward to coming back to enjoy the fantastic experiences as soon as possible. Wish we could stay longest.

Thank you Carlos & Celeste for making this possible and sharing your passion with us!

Keep doing what you are doing,

Bill Moore,
Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.

# Amigos, Amigas at Mapu,
I was looking forward to the trip the day we decided to come to Argentina. I had no idea what to expect when we arrived, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. I absolutely loved being at the ranch with all of you. So many life long memories created in such a short time. It was five of the fastest and longest days ever.

Eduardo (guide), you are a walking + hunting machine. I truly appreciate every minute you put into making this the coolest hunting trip of my life. BY FARRRR!!!!. Many Thanks.

Carlos, you have an amazing place here. I wouldn’t change anything about it! Look forward to coming back.

Celeste, You were attentive to us gringos. I enjoyed speaking with you!

Mane Chef, if you lived in America I would eat at your restaurant any time. You are the bomb.

So much to say, but we have to get to the airport.

Wish I had more time to write.

16 point stag, 11 point stag, Blackbuck

A lot of memories

Stephen Michels,

# Don’t even know where to start, there were so many amazing memories created in the trip. The hunting is out of this world. I did not expected to get that close to many free range stags. Definitely one of my top hunts to date. It is hand to top a stag roaring in your face when you have the cross hairs of your scope on him. Also can’t neat hearing all the roaring throughout the night –just made me dream more about hunting stags. I got a beautiful trophy stag and I couldn’t be happier.

We hunted hard; had so many close calls and then it all came together perfectly.

Joaquin (guide) was very impressed with his hunting skills. He knows how to locate those stags and exactly how far they are. Trust me with that one because I lost a bet!

One thing for sure is that everyone at Mapu Hunting Lodge went above and beyond to make sure our every need was tended too. The food is 5-star. Definitely going to miss the chef. Rooms very comfy- Just can’t stress enough how everyone here went out of their way to make sure my hunt and stay was perfect! Really enjoy the laid back feel- great place to relax and enjoy your hunt. This is how hunting lodge should be, Mapu Hunting Lodge does it right!

Thanks for putting up with my cameraman August and me. We definitely had an amazing trip, tons of great memories. Looking forward to putting this show together! Can’t thank everyone enough for this amazing experience. Hope to see you all again soon.

Larysa Switlyk,
Sarasota, Fl.
(“Larysa Unleashed”)

# I’m so glad to be apart of Mapu’s first season! What a unique and beautiful ranch + lodge. You guys really know how to entertain! Larysa and I had a blast and we both wish that we were staying longer. Best of luck to you all and hope to see everyone again.

August Peters,
Austin, Texas